Healing the Gut for Better Digestion

Many people suffer from digestive problems. The foundation of optimal health starts around the middle of your digestive system…in the intestines. In fact, the gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain or the enteric nervous system. “A lot of the information that the gut sends to the brain affects well-being, and doesn’t even come to consciousness,” says Michael Gershon at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York.

It’s in the gut that the complicated process of extracting nutrients from waste, all the while scanning for harmful chemicals or invaders, takes place. The billions of bacteria in the gut are also a primary component of your immune system. And, its instinctual alarms tend to offer strong insight in the face of hard facts. You simply can’t think clearly or feel healthy if your digestion is not working properly.

More people suffer with poor digestive symptoms than realize it. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and excessive flatulence are all warning signs that something has gone wrong in your gut. The most common is low output. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) symptoms shouldn’t be a diagnosis, but a clue that you need to look more for answers.

It’s critical to tackle digestive issues from as many angles as possible. One approach isn’t necessarily enough or easy, but it will help you get the best results and that is striping down your diet to a simple anti-inflammatory plan. Below is a sample diet that is gentle and effective, because it’s full of optimal nutrients and very easy on your digestion. This is also a great plan to implement to help recover from the holiday season.

Of course, boosting bowel flora, abdominal massage, stretching, and good hydration are great ways to support the gut healing process.

As always consult your doctor before beginning any new health program.

Optimal Foods for Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Phase 1)

3-4 Weeks or Until Symptom Free for 5 Consecutive Days or More

Enjoy a Simple Meal Formula For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Including:

Animal Protein 4-8 oz +
Fats 1-3 tbsp +
Safe Veggies ¼-3/4 c. +
Seasonings (sea salt at least ½ tsp/day)

Choose from the following options.
Animal Protein:

Meat-bison, beef, venison, lamb, wild boar, pork, liver, tongue, kidneys, chicken, turkey, duck, crab, salmon
Around 4-8 oz per meal and possibly more at snack time/5-10 lbs per week

Traditional Fats:

Extra-virgin coconut oil, butter (to make ghee), ghee, extra-virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, duck fat, lard, tallow
1-3 tbsp per meal and possibly more at snack time/1.5-4 cups per week-careful here-watch your poos

Bone broths:

Organic chicken or pasture raised beef bones
1-2 lbs beef bones or 1-2 small chicken carcasses per week

Vegetables-Cooked and Peeled:

Carrot, Zucchini, Spinach, Green Beans (small amount)
Between ¼-3/4 c. per meal, and possibly some snacks


All organic options with the exception of sea salt-1/2-1 tsp of sea salt per day
Sea salt, chives, asafoetida powder, cinnamon, lemon juice, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs, green parts of onions, garlic infused oil, herb infused oil
All other herbs as needed or desired


Drink as needed or desired
Sparkling water, fresh lemon or lime juice added to water, fresh herbs added to water, or rooibos tea

Extra Tips

  • Journal! Keep track of your foods, supplements, symptoms, bowel movements, moods, mental functioning, activities…document everything daily! Trends start to become more clear when we can look back accurately, and having enough information to look back on is key.
  • Don’t eat less, even if you’re trying to lose weight! However, you can eat more if you’re hungry!
  • Follow the plan at least 3-4 weeks, more if needed, until you feel mostly symptom free for at least 5 consecutive days. Stick to the plan, but be compassionate with yourself.
  • You may feel worse before you feel better. Commonly experienced are withdrawals, die off, low-carb flu and slight moodiness.
  • Take Epsom Salt Baths
  • Try activated charcoal tablets
  • Eat enough!
  • Hydrate properly
  • Rest



“Satisfied and happy…”

Kind words from happy clients:

“Being a professional couple, time to prepare good food is often scarce. Since Kara has been filling our fridge with tasty, healthy meals, we have been so satisfied and happy. Its a relief to know we are actually getting organic meals free of the hidden extras that restaurants sneak into their menus. Plus, we can tell her to change our menu week-by-week as desired. Although we have always eaten healthy, never have we eaten healthy meals that taste so good. Its awesome! Thank you Kara!!!”

~Erica & Stephen Rogers


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Health – Happiness Connection

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.”  James Leigh Hunt, poet

I first started cooking in third grade with my Holly Hobbie oven that baked everything with a light bulb.  I still have it. And,  I have been cooking ever since.

After graduating college, I lived for many years in Asia and developed a true love of eating and cooking.   South Eastern Asian flavors are my main influence today.  Living in Asia I also experienced health and fasting retreats that included 7, 15, and 21 day guided water fasts with Chinese herbs, enemas and health classes.  It changed my life because of how amazingly good I felt afterwards…not only physically, but emotionally and spirtually.  Since that, I made eating healthy and cleansing a lifetime practice.

In 2001 I moved to Montana, and later managed a health food store.  My knowledge of vitamins and supplements helped me develop cooking strategies for more nutrient based meals.  After many years, I had the opportunity to partner up with a coworker and buy the store.  My area of expertise became building and managing our beloved juice bar.  I formulated recipes for raw foods, juices, smoothies, cleanses, specialty tonics and medicinal soups.  Customers often came in to thank me for being there and offering foods that were so delicious, high quality, and — most of all — the healthiest foods in town.  Customers felt better knowing when they came in to the juice bar they would leave feeling a little bit better.

As with all good things, the time came for me to move forward and start my own business. I am thrilled to be doing what I am most passionate about.  As a personal chef, I prepare pure and delicious foods made with a consciousness for healing.   And did I say delicious?

My wish for everyone is to enjoy healthy cuisine and happy living!


KNK 24 Meal Plan

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.” ~Heather Morgan, M.S., N.L.C.


In The KNK Meal Plan you get 24 individual meals as you need them and customized to you. One meal consists of an entrée and a side. For example, Chicken Piccata and a Roasted Root Medley.

You can order up to 6 meals a week from menus emailed to you the week before. Many KNK clients opt for the chef’s choice where Kara chooses their meals. Either way, Kara shops, preps, cooks and delivers your meals.


  1. This program includes 6 deliveries, if more deliveries are needed there is a fee, and deliveries outside of town are priced according to mileage.
  2. Meal selections are doubled; all meals come two at a time or more if needed. For example, if you order Chicken Piccata and Roasted Root Veggies, you will get 2 Chicken Piccata’s and Roasted Root Medley’s. You have the option of eating them or freezing them.
  3. Meals are packaged in your containers or KNK provided containers purchased for you.
  4. All meals are labeled and cooking instructions are available if needed.
  5. As one of my clients said, “It’s a beautiful thing!” Fresh, homemade, healthy meals that taste great delivered to your door. All you have to do is eat and enjoy.

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