My Story

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I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, therapeutic personal chef, former health food store owner, skier, and mountian biker.  My passion for health led me to become a Licensed Zyto Compass Clinician, Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin Consultant, and I am currently studying and apprenticing to be a Traditional Naturopath.  I live in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana.

Growing up on a ranch in Wyoming we had fresh garden vegetables, wild meat, honey from our honey bees, cows and horses, and a love for the outdoors.  We gardened without chemicals and used natural rememdies for ailments whenever possible.  After receiving my bachelor’s at UW, I worked in Asia and Europe learning about different cultures, their food and lifestyle.  For 25 years I’ve worked with numerous diets, cleanses, detoxes, exercise, yoga, meditation, herbs and supplements.  

Now I am taking it one step further. People need more than good food to feel empowered and take control of their well-being. They need help for a strong foundation in health in a world full of sickness, environmental toxins, emotional and physical stress, low energy, brain fog, joint pain, migraines, intestinal problems, skin problems, and much more.  Clients come to me to know the RIGHT foods and supplements to take, in the right amounts, for a vibrant and happy life.  I want everyone to have the freedom of good health to live life to the fullest everyday!

~Kara Beckman