The Gallatin Valley is just north of one of nature’s many marvels, Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman is a vibrant community that serves a the gateway to Yellowstone and that Kara’s Natural Kitchen is proud to call home. Conveniently located near downtown, makes it easy to serve the greater community.

For initial consultations, please email the best phone number and time to call you.

For food updates or meal adjustements, please email the request first, unless time is scarce.

For any immediate needs, please call Kara directly.

406 – 600 – 9032


Thank you and I look forward to serving your healing culinary needs.



2 Replies to “Contact”

  1. heard you on the radio the other day, sounded great! I’m ready to help you, please email me what you’d like on the magnet card when you’re ready. your friends, Tom and Michelle, 406-539- 5640

  2. Hi Kara,

    My 19 year old daughter just started at MSU and lives in the new Stadiumview apartments. She is struggling to balance school, work and preparing meals. As a vegetarian of sorts, eats dairy and eggs, she is becoming more and more restrictive with mostly organic. This is all great and works when she is home with Mom to buy groceries and make most meals but proved to be a disaster last year and seems to be going down the same path now. She is underweight and has very low iron and vitamin D.

    So I am interested in exploring some meal prep services that you might be able to offer, primarily frozen meals. I do not have a feel for how much this would cost for periodic stocking up with prepared meals.

    thanks Yvonne in Chicago

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