Cooking For YOUR Life Program

“Eat real food, not too much, mostly vegetables, with as little effort as possible.” ~Michael Pollen

What is the Cooking For YOUR Life Program?


This 10-week coaching program teaches you the art of fast, efficient, healthy 15-minute meals. The goal is to support people getting back into the kitchen to sustain their family’s optimal energy and well being for life.


Cooking For YOUR Life is not just recipes and cooking classes. It is a complete program that coaches you through all of the needed information to set you up for success in your life. Cooking healthy, tasty food at home involves more than a recipe…it’s a lifestyle. It begins by educating you about a personalized food program designed for you and your family’s optimal health and then grows from there. Together we set up your kitchen for success to cook, including a plan to get it done!

When you learn Kara’s cooking lifestyle you will be looking and feeling great in no time. It will save you money by not eating out, by not wasting food and by creating a future of good health because you are eating vital nutrients and minerals. Slow down at the end of the day, learn to love cooking and good food, and eat at home around the table with family conversations. All the while you are teaching everyone a valuable lesson in nourishment for your bodies, minds and souls. Eating at home creates memories and bonds that we don’t get when eating in the car, at restaurants, or alone in front of the TV.

Some benefits of participating in the program are:


  • You will look and feel good!
  • You will sleep better.
  • You will manage stress because you are organized
  • Your tastes will change to a palate that likes and appreciates whole foods, especially vegetables.
  • You will have more energy.
  • You will reach your optimal weight.
  • You will slow down and sit down to have a meal; this is better for digestion.
  • Family bonding because you eat a family home cooked meal around the kitchen table.
  • You will know what real food is. Real food is good for you.
  • You will become an efficient and great cook that cooks with happiness!


Included in the Cooking For YOUR Life Program are:


  1. A detailed syllabus of what you will learn, including my Six Pillars.
  2. My favorite cookbook, tailored to your needs, with lots of information and recipes to help round out your education and keep you cooking! This is a book that is up to date on how healing our gut and clearing out body infections, along with eating right, sets us up for vitality and increased energy, optimal weight, and well-being.
  3. My newsletter free for a year when you invest in the Cooking for YOUR Life Program.
  4. You can sign up to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring tools, techniques, and recipes
  5. Twenty healthy and seasonal recipes each month, for one year, including holiday menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and July 4th! These are invaluable for your recipe portfolio, because they are delicious, easy and nutritious.
  6. A book list that is a great reference for many health issues and fun reading. These you can purchase as you see fit to round out your new healthy library. A good book is a great reference that you will have at your fingertips for years to come. Many of them are free with only shipping costs when you order on Amazon.
  7. You learn two of the most powerful tools available to find out which foods are exactly right for you. One is backed by science, and an added cost, and the other is using your intuitive gut. When you commit you will be able to use these for years to come by following a diet that is in accordance with these to protocols.
  8. A free session with a certified kinesiologist to help round out what is going on in your body as far as infections and gut health.
  9. Health empowerment!


Call 406-600-9032 to sign up today for the Cooking For YOUR Life Program!


It’s your chance to learn how easy, efficient and rewarding healthy cooking at home can be. You will sleep better, manage stress, have increased energy and vitality, and reach your ideal weight. Arm yourself with a fundamental knowledge of lifelong skills for tasty, healthy, quick meals around your table.