Meet Kara’s Natural Kitchen

Offering healthy meals custom for your needs.

Kara provides a high level of service as your coach and therapeutic chef in Bozeman or Big Sky, Montana.

Compare the cost of fast food versus balanced, home-cooked meals, not only in dollars but also in your families health and well-being. Regular eating on-the-run or meals out of a box is associated with poor nutrition and weight gain, and affords little time for family interaction and relaxation. With a personal chef service, you can have organic, local and gourmet-quality food in the comfort of your own home.

Every meal is cooked to your personal tastes and designed to fit your diet or lifestyle with optimal nutritional ingredients. Each dish is designed with your tastes in mind. If you like spicy and ethnic, or are not a fan of chicken, Kara’s Natural Kitchen will customize entrees for you.

Save yourself the trouble of going out to crowded restaurants or busy supermarkets after a long days work. Take-out and processed food leaves you feeling bloated, constipated, fatigued,  and is nutritionally empty. The ease of simply coming home, relaxing and enjoying a delicious dinner is priceless. Think of the time you will save and all of the other things you can do with that time.

What is the difference between a personal and private chef?
A personal chef has many clients and does not live or cook in your house every day for each meal. A personal chef plans, shops, cooks, then leaves the meals for the week for you to pull out of the refrigerator or freezer as you need them.

What makes you different from other personal or private chefs in the area?
Kara’s Natural Kitchen has 10 philosophies that pertain to food, cooking and eating. Read my philosophy to learn more. What we eat defines how we look and feel. Optimal nutrition is key to increased vitality, energy, moods, and healthy joints, bones and muscles. By keeping our Ph balanced, getting in the correct amounts of carbs, proteins and fats, and micro nutrients, we are setting ourselves up for success.

Eating in a relaxed atmosphere, chewing our food thoroughly, and then paying attention to how we feel one to two hours after we eat are easy steps to take to know what foods work for you. We also believe in community and teamwork with other like-minded professionals that includes a holistic nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and fitness coaches to gain insight and help when needed. The best part of eating our food is that is tastes amazing-it is very important!

Here are common questions & answers about how Kara provides personalized service for you.

Photo of downtown Bozeman at sundown by Jim R. Harris