Nutritional Coaching

The signature one-on-one program, from Kara’s Natural Kitchen, contains Six Modules that will change your life forever. They are based on therapeutic living essentials that will become your new lifestyle. We meet 1-2 times a week working around your schedule in person, phone and/or Skype for 8 weeks.

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Includes an essential customized food plan, measured tests for body composition to track your progress and reach your goals, my Tower of Food Power guide, how to get off soft addictions like sugar, correct and simple snacks, 80/20 eating-80% healthy eating and 20% indulgence, food journaling, 6 cooking classes, three months of once a week shopping lists partnered with delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks.

By following this pillar you will have increased energy, lose INCHES to be at your optimal weight, and have knowledge of good foods to eat that are DELICIOUS, satisfying and full of nutrients.

Included is a body scan scale that measures your body composition at home. It will be shipped to you for tracking your progress and is yours to keep!
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  • Uses 6 advanced sensors to accurately read your whole body
  • Clinically proven to be as accurate as the medical devices professionals use
  • 90-day memory stores your readings on all fitness indicators
  • Measures 7 fitness indicators including body fat percentage, BMI, resting metabolism and weight


Feel better by losing toxicity. We need to get waste out of our bodies that comes from the foods we eat and environmental toxins that are prevalent in today’s world. If we don’t out toxins we accumulate and store them, and over time this leads to inflammation-the mother of all diseases. Detoxing is easy and simple.

By following this pillar you will have vibrant looking skin, hair and nails, increased energy, and a sense of well being, and recipes like cleansing soups, shakes and smoothies. It’s also anti-aging!


Get ready to set your kitchen up for success! Together we clean out your pantry and refrigerator and replacing it with healthy foods. We replace refined and degraded food items with nutritional, delicious, easy foods for snacking and cooking. You will have once a week shopping lists for the season, eating out tips, pantry lists, kitchen appliance and tool essentials, and travel eating tips to keep us trim and energetic. You’ll also receive a seasonal grocery food lists, and recipes each week for three months so you don’t have to think, you only have to do!

By following this pillar you are able to be organized, efficient, and inspired. It is the key for eating right.


We are what we eat, and eating optimally nutritious foods is essential, but we need more because of our soils being deficient of vitamins and minerals. We also need to work a little harder on problem areas, for example taking 2-3 bowel movements a day is possible by taking a fiber supplement. It’s different for everyone, and based on your commitment. It’s also simple and cost effective because it reduces sickness and the need to go to the doctor.

By following this pillar you will start to see minor chronic aches and pains diminish and eventually go away. You will also start to get to the root cause of problems unlike many pharmaceuticals which addresses symptoms only. Always check with your health care physician prior to any supplement program.

Included is a one hour free session with part of the KNK team! A kinesiologist will get you exactly what you need. There is no guessing or wasting money on supplements. It’s customized for you.


No one wants to be around “grumpy pants”. Learn techniques to deal with what life throws at us. It’s easier than you think and I will be with you all the way! When we set our minds to something we can achieve anything! It’s vital to break bad habits and create new ones that are good for us.

By following this pillar you learn to control your eating habits, maintain calmness in all situations, make better choices, and set an example for your kids, significant others, friends and co-workers. Best of all you’ll start to look amazing because stress takes its toll on our health and looks.


I will set you up with a program and we will see the tested results via the body scale scan once a week. We set practical goals that are always achieved due to its practicality and simplicity.

By following this program you will look younger, have more energy, feel better, tone and shape your muscles, create better bone density, improve your blood work, achieve optimal weight, sleep better, and fit into those sexy jeans.

You will receive my gift to you-one of my favorite cookbooks based on your personality that I’ve gotten to know through our 8 weeks together. These books are amazing, and I’m happy to get you a gift you will be able to use as a celebration for completing this course. You are now taking care of yourself, eating to live, and setting an example to the rest of the world!

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