Personal Chef Services

Kara Herman offer personal chef services to visitors and locals of Bozeman and Big Sky in Montana. Therapeutic and tasty meals are her specialty.

What’s a personal chef?

A personal chef provides the service to individuals or families who don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare the foods they wish to eat at home. A personal chef customizes meal programs for their clients, prepares all meals in the safety of the client’s kitchen or a commercial kitchen, and packages/stores their meals along with specific handling instructions. Healthy, delicious meals can then be enjoyed at the client’s convenience and in the comfort of their own home.




Our initial meeting will be an opportunity for me to learn more about you and your family, the types of food you like/dislike, and any possible dietary/allergenic restrictions. We will also discuss which type of service would suit your schedule and family best. This initial assessment will provide me with information necessary to make delicious meals you and your family will love. We’ll talk about how often you would like the service and how much food will be appropriate. I’m able to come every week for a fresh service or less often and provide fresh-frozen meals.





After our initial meeting, I will create a menu based on your preferences and email them to you for approval. You can also refer me to special recipes, family favorites or something new you read in a cookbook or website. I always try to accommodate specific requests. I will also talk with you about how to make these options fit into my philosophy of healthy nutrition so you can be guaranteed the best food for energy and vitality.





I will shop for all the groceries the day of your service, choosing the freshest produce and highest quality ingredients available. I’ll come to your home with my equipment, prepare the meals, package and label them, leave them neatly in your fridge or freezer, and do all the cleanup. There is also an option for delivery service if you would like the cooking to be done outside your home. The only thing left are instructions for heating and to enjoy the food I have prepared for you!




As a personal chef in the Rocky Mountain town of Bozeman, MT, my goal is to provide cuisine for you to enjoy in your own home. I target busy people who don’t have time or don’t want to cook. It is for anyone wanting to eat food that will leave them feeling revitalized, energized and satisfied.

My core philosophy is to create meals that are organic, macro nutrient balanced (stabalized blood sugar), mico nutrient dense, delicious, satisfying, detoxing, convenient, and full of love. When you follow this way of eating, the benefits are amazing! You will feel calm and balanced, focused and clear minded, happy, have lots of energy, create lean musle mass, clear eyes and skin, and it will take off weight that has acccumulated from previous poor choices.

Whether you are visiting the Bozeman area to enjoy our local outdoors or you live here and could use some extra help in the kitchen, I’m happy to serve. Planning meals to optimize health and enjoyment is my passion.

Let’s talk about what you need.

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