Cooking for Life Program

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What is the Cooking for Life Program?

This 8-week coaching program teaches you the art of fast, efficient, healthy 15-minute meals. The weekly meetings last about 1 hour either in person, phone and/or Skype.The goal is to support people getting back into the kitchen to sustain their family’s optimal energy and well being for life.

Cooking For Life is not just recipes and cooking classes. It is a complete program that coaches you through all of the needed information to set you up for success in your life. Cooking healthy, tasty food at home involves more than a recipe…it’s a lifestyle. It begins by educating you about a personalized food program designed for you and your family’s optimal health and then grows from there. Together we set up your kitchen for success to cook, including a plan to get it done!

What are the benefits of a cooking coach?

From the skills that you will learn…

  • You will look and feel good!
  • You will sleep better.
  • You will manage stress because you are organized
  • Your tastes will change to a palate that likes and appreciates whole foods, especially vegetables.
  • You will have more energy.
  • You will reach your optimal weight.
  • You will slow down and sit down to have a meal; this is better for digestion.
  • Family bonding because you eat a family home cooked meal around the kitchen table.
  • You will know what real food is. Real food is good for you.
  • You will become an efficient and great cook that cooks with happiness!

Individual results vary!

What will you learn?

Here are at least 20 things that you will learn and utilize by the end of the Cooking For Your Life Coaching Program:

  1. How to plan for a week’s worth of meals
  2. How to shop for the right foods quickly and efficiently
  3. Knife skills
  4. How to read labels so you know you are eating foods free of chemicals, dyes, anti-caking agents, hormones, antibiotics, fillers, bad oils, and GMO’s
  5. How to organize your cupboards, refrigerator, freezer, and pantry for ease of cooking
  6. The art of eating leftovers
  7. Essential flavors to use in cooking that elevate the tastes to a new level
  8. Healthy substitutes for unhealthy foods
  9. How to make 15-20 minute meals
  10. Recipes that you will want to pass down to your kids
  11. How to make speedy 1-minute meal replacements or snacks
  12. Equipment that make your life easier in the kitchen
  13. How to braise, roast, slow cook, steam, fry, sauté, boil and other essential tricks in the kitchen
  14. My Tower of Food Power, which is a quick blue print of what your plate will look like at each meal for optimal health
  15. Vegetable broths, nut butters, sweet snacks, pestos, sauces, juices and smoothies that are blood sugar balanced
  16. How to eat out
  17. My traveling kitchen for when we are not at home
  18. My Essential 5 for sleep, stress, energy and optimal weight that goes beyond food but necessary for our health
  19. How to cook quick and easy stress-free dinner parties and holiday meals that are stress free
  20. You will receive a booklet of all the recipes that you have learned and love throught the course.  This will be an easy reference guide and keep things organized for your cooking adventure.

How much does it cost?

The eight week program costs $850.  This includes your booklet of recipes at the end and a free ZYTO scan session worth $100!

Call to Get Started 406-600-9032