Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a personal and private chef?
A personal chef has many clients and does not live or cook in your house every day for each meal. A personal chef plans, shops, cooks, then leaves the meals for the week for you to pull out of the refrigerator or freezer as you need them.

What makes you different from other chefs in the area?
Kara’s Natural Kitchen has 10 philosophies that pertain to food, cooking and eating. Click on to ‘About’ then ‘Philosophy’ to see in detail. What we eat defines how we look and feel. Optimal nutrition is key to increased vitality, energy, moods, and healthy joints, bones and muscles. By keeping our Ph balanced, getting in the correct amounts of carbs, proteins and fats, and micro and macro nutrients, we are setting ourselves up for success. Eating in a relaxed atmosphere, chewing our food thoroughly, and then paying attention to how we feel one to two hours after we eat are easy steps to take to know what foods work for you. We also believe in community and teamwork with other like-minded professionals that includes a wholistic nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and fitness coaches to gain insight and help when needed. The best part of eating our food is that is tastes amazing-it is very important!

How much does it cost?
It is more cost effective than you think. Especially since Kara’s Natural Kitchen uses all organic, as local as possible, and pure ingredients. Click on the ‘Services’ page to see which plan is right for you, then lets talk in person or over the phone to get a more detailed about what you need.

Are there any long-term contracts or commitments required?
There are no long-term contracts or commitments; most people buy a package, see how long it lasts them for their needs, then reorder another when they are ready.

How long will the food last?
That depends on your needs and how often you will be eating out, if you will be eating the meals for dinner and/or lunch, and how many meals you purchase. We can determine this based on these factors.

How do we choose our menus?
Kara’s Natural Kitchen will present you with a menu by e-mail or phone prior to your cook date based on the preferences discussed during your initial consultation. You will then approve or amend the menu as needed.

How do we heat our food?
The chef will ask you your recommended way of heating whether it be the microwave or stove and leave instructions on each dish.

Do I need to be home when you cook?
If you choose for the meals to be cooked in your home and not delivered, then you do not need to be there while the chef is cooking. If you are not at home, we will make the necessary arrangements for the chef to enter, cook and then leave. We do ask that while the chef is cooking that she kindly be left to work with as little interruption as possible to ensure safe, efficient, and quality service.

Do you cook for dinner parties?
Yes, small dinner parties and special occasion dinners. Please inquire about what you would like.

Do you do catering?
We can do catering because we have several facilities that are licensed to prepare food in and then transport. Let us know what we can do for you.

Do you cook for special diets?
That is our specialty. After the initial consultation of your likes/dislikes, allergies, restrictions, etc. the menu will be prepared specifically for you. Please click on ‘About’ then ‘Philosophy’ to see optimal eating for health and vitality.

Will you prepare meals from my recipes?
We would love to. If you have a favorite dish we will cook it in a way that is healthy and respectful of our philosophy of eating. Some ingredients may be changed, but it will not sacrifice taste. We make-over many recipes and people have no idea they are gluten or sugar free or half the calories.

How do I pay for service?
Check or cash is accepted. An invoice will be sent to you and the payment can be picked up or mailed before the cook date.

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