Catering and Special Events

Catering, Dinner Parties, Holiday Gatherings, Weddings, Cooking Classes

Whether you want Kara to cook on-location or drop off a full spread, Kara’s Natural Kitchen is a great way to make the occasion extra-special!

In and around the Bozeman, MT area Kara’s Natural Kitchen does indulgence, albeit healthy, very well!


Because, Kara uses the real ingredients: real chocolate without milk solids, real butter, healthy cookware, local and organic foods, and lots of love and goodness.

Kara also provides optimally nutritious food recipes and teaches efficient cooking techniques.

For people recovering from illness, Kara will personally research, customize meal plans, shop, cook, and deliver foods as part of the healing process so you can concentrate on getting your life back.

There is limited space on special events, so please call for faster service and make appointments early.