Spring Eating For Optimal Health and Well Being

Eating in the spring is different than eating in the winter.  Our bodies need different foods for the climate that we are in.  I ask you to change over a few food items that relates to nature for spring. Chinese medicine believes in treating ourselves as a whole-mind, body and spirit. Everything we eat has properties that either help us or harm us. With this holistic view, balance is very important and a person has to be aware of the seasonal changes in order to maintain balance in the body.

Nature is intelligent and provides the right foods at the right time. Spring time is renewal and growth. Therefore, fresh leafy greens and sprouts are optimal foods in June. It’s also a time to get rid of stored fat from winter hibernation that our bodies naturally accumulated. A spring time diet includes eating less meat, more vegetables and sour from apple cider vinegar. Eating what’s in season is a good way of maintaining health, it tastes better and most often is less expensive.  Bonus!

Remember, emotions play a big part in eating. Never go to excess or be picky about what foods to eat, because the stress will cause an imbalance in the flow of energy to the body. If it’s negative it can lead to illness. Eat with awareness, when you’re hungry or right before, and eat a variety of foods since each system in the body needs a variety of minerals and vitamins to maintain health.


This is easy, you can do it! I challenge you to eat 1-2 bowls of greens a day. Steam, boil, sautee, raw-do whatever it takes to eat your greens, and do this for 30 days. Pay attention to how you feel 1-2 hours after you eat, at night, and at the end of the month.

I bet you’ll notice a change in improved skin tone, energy, less bloating, and a better sense of well being. You may also lose weight without even trying as your body becomes more balanced.

You’re on your way to increased energy and feeling better!  Sign up for my June Newsletter to see my recipe for Spring Steamed Greens.