The Traveling Kitchen Story

Thai fisherman pants, flip flops, Ganesh tank tops, and long, uncombed beach hair with large ethnic jewelry. This was my uniform while living in Asia. I lived and worked in Asia for 5 years after graduating college, traveling as much as possible and being completely obsessed with all the food. Everywhere I went I made it a priority to eat, because it was delicious and an exotic explosion in my mouth that tantalized my senses that I’d dreamed about it.

It was on a trip to Thailand that I invented the “Traveling Kitchen”. The island of Koh Samui has the wonderful (and extremely hardcore) Dharma Healing Center where I had my first water fast with Chinese herbs, lime juice in water, and colonics. That’s it! My first fast lasted 7 days. It was harsh. I was sick with fever and vomiting because my body was detoxing so fast, but couldn’t move the toxins out as quickly as needed. Nevertheless, the end result was that I felt amazing.

This is the newest version of the Traveling Kitchen and it rocks!!!

After finishing the fast, I stayed on another two weeks and ate “raw” food, slowly adding more variety each day, and sticking to mostly “watery” fruits and veggies to hydrate my colon and get it moving again on its own. I would walk to the market daily and get what I needed: fresh, seasonal watermelon, papaya, limes, daikon, jackfruit, greens, watercress, sea salt, lychees, etc.

(Oh, the variety is making my mouth water! )

Each trip I would also get what I needed to cut, chop, shred, mix and eat. Eventually I wound up with a chopping board, knife, bowl, spoon/fork, grater, cup, and a plastic container with a lid to keep it all in. This traveled with me everywhere in my backpack. Yes, it’s fun to go out to eat, but because I was always traveling “on the cheap,” my little kitchen came in handy while staying for extended periods of time throughout Asia.

(Ohhhhh the days of 1-6 month long vacations!)

Today my Traveling Kitchen has evolved into what I need for my car and to fit into my luggage for plane trips. It’s simple, customized for me, and of good quality that will last for years. It’s also compact and easy to carry. Trial and error were my teachers. I started my traveling kitchen, for my business as a personal chef, in a rather enormous, black piece of luggage with wheels. It was ridiculous lugging that thing all over the place, in and out of cars and houses.

Now I have a small sheet pan-sized, zip lock container with lid. It contains everything I need and love to cook with. Some of my favorite things are tongs, scissors, chef knife, paring knife, peeler, grater, whisk, spatulas, wooden spoons, sea salt, chopping board, meat thermometer, ladle, and depending where I’m going, my handy Cuisinart hand-mixer.

Putting my traveling kitchen to use on a road trip to Salt Lake City!

My days as a traveling hippie chick are sweet memories. Now, I stick closer to home, and when it comes to eating healthy, delicious, good food, I will Google the next town to find health food stores, local markets and farmers markets. My list is something like cucumber, hummus, crackers, and avocado to make canapés on a road trip. Yes, I do it in the car, because we gotta get to where we’re goin’! The traveling kitchen is my ideal way to eat exactly what I need and want, easily and efficiently, no matter where I am.

After sharing the traveling kitchen with clients, I have found it serves so many purposes and situations. It is great for college students; vacationers that want to ensure they have great kitchenware; or homeowners that are displaced for a period of time while the house closes and remodeling needs to take place. It is perfect for camping; just take a simple one-burner, small stove and two cooking pans, which easily fit in a small box with a lid. There are stack-able boxes that work great for this too. And of course, my all time favorite use for the traveling kitchen is a long road trip across any country of your choice. Park along the coast and cook a healthy meal while the sunsets over the water.

Happy travels!



Wait…do you want your own traveling kitchen to have fun with or give as a gift?


Yes, you can custom order one today!

The Basic Traveling Kitchen

Traveling Kitchen
The Basic Traveling Kitchen

This jammed-packed little, but wonderfully functional kitchen is specific for your backpack, luggage, or car.

It’s petite and portable with all the basics needed to make a healthy meal or snack with ease and convenience.

The basic traveling kitchen will give you the ability to stay healthy and looking good while you’re on the go, away from home, or living simple.

Good, beautiful, healthy food is sexy, and so is this little culinary gem.

All of your culinary equipment stays safe in a sealed container that’s selected with your specific dimensions and needs in mind. Items possibly included are: knife, scissors, cutting board, cup, plates, utensils, shredder, sea salt, pepper, can opener, and peeler, to name just a few.

All equipment is made from quality materials to last a lifetime of preparing healthy meals on the go.

Don’t leave your health in the hands of fast food diners and restaurants that do not use quality ingredients. Take control of your health. Enjoy the benefits of making quick and delicious meals with the Basic Traveling Kitchen.


The Elite Traveling Kitchen

Like the cavemen, add portable fire (and more) to your Traveling Kitchen to complete the cooking experience. 


This package offers everything from the Basic Traveling Kitchen, with a bonus of a one burner butane stove, and more equipment to use with it.

For example, in your sealed container (which is larger) that holds items from the Basic Traveling Kitchen, plus more! You will need a pot, skillet, and any extras (like dish soap and a scrubby) that will accommodate your needs and wants. A tea kettle or French press are great extras for satisfying organic coffee or tea.

These two options, The Basic Traveling Kitchen and The Elite Traveling Kitchen, are easy to order. All it takes is a phone call. Based on your needs, KNK will put together a kitchen plan, plus provide a final proof, so it can be sent to you as soon as possible to start cooking on the trail.

When people ask, “You look great…what have you been doing?”

You can tell them you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle, and only eat the best foods, which is all possible because of your customized traveling kitchen from KNK!

Cook or be cooked!

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